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Friday, 16 September 2011



Over the past year I've become quite drawn to side to side shawls. The appeal? Knowing I can use up every bit of a loverly skein as well as the few cast on and bind off stitches required. When it isn't a side to side, I love a Faroese shawl :)

Rav Id: KerrieJames


Ruth Hibberson

I prefer triangle over circle and have not tried other shapes yet.

limonene (on rav)

I prefer knitting triangular shawls, especially if they're a bit wider than they are deep.


I like triangular shawls.

bookwormdjibouti on Rav


Rav ID darkeststarlet

I love knitting and wearing shawls of all shapes and designs, from wispy but warm to big and cosy. I'm recently experimenting with short rows and softly curving crescents and I'm loving the results so far :)


Rav Id stacyann

I have knit a couple shawls and usually knit triangle ones but I love circular shawls they just take forever.


my current favorite is a crescent shape shawl.

i am bellybuttonknits on rav.


I've knit triangular, semi-circular, and a scarf-sized crescent shawl. Each one has its own virtues and it's hard to pick a favorite. I'm interested in Faroese shawls simply because I haven't tried one yet.


I'm making a triangular shawl right now. It's the first shawl I've tried making as I'm a new knitter and just learning things like yo and k2tog. My ravelry id is cnuland.


My favorite shawls to knit are crescent-shaped ones because they stay on so much better :)


I generally prefer those that get smaller as you knit. I don't mind casting on a large number of stitches if I know that's going to be the worst of it. I tend to run out of steam with the expanding ones right about when each row takes more than 30 minutes to knit. I recently knit my first crescent and liked it very much. Trying side-to-side next, I think.

IngridSera on Ravelry.

Angie A. (Sybina)

I have only knit one triangle shawl so far but I am in love. I would love to make the awesome shapes and designs in Anna's new book. My Ravelry name is Sybina

Laura Larkin

My Ravelry ID is Laura87106.
I love Blueberry Patch. But, I just flat out love shawls,no matter what their shape.

Cathy stephens

I have knit a rectangular, circular, the curlique shawl which 10 parts of a circle. I just started a triangular one that I hope will be easier wear. czsknits on ravelry

Karen aka purplepenguin on Ravelry

I prefer making triangular shawls, I like the way they fall on the body. I am intrigued with the "swirl" type of shawl, have some in my Ravelry queue. Ravelry name is purplepenguin.

Angie s.

I love semi-round or crescent shapes because I wear them like a cowl or scarf.

knitterlydesigns on Ravelry


I love crescent-shaped shawls best. They seem to be the easiest to wear casually.

bronwyndp on Ravelry


I'm really excited about this book! I tried to stay away from triangular shaped shawls for a long time--I think I thought that square and irregular shapes were more modern. More and more I am being seduced to knit triangle shawls, and they are becoming my favorite.


I really like crescent shaped shawls- they're so versatile!

Mujercita on Ravelry.

Kathleen Howe

Ravelry ID howekat9

I have only knit rectangular shawls so far, but plan to try a semi-circular shawl next.

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