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Friday, 16 September 2011



My favorite shape shawl to knit is Faroese but I love all lace! Rav ID moejo


I have knitted rectangular shawl, bottom-up triangle shawls, and top-down shawls. I prefer wearing the top down or faroese type shawls. They stay on the shoulders better.

Rav id: Kittingdancer

Rusty M.

I've only made 2 triangle shawlettes so I really don't have a favorite shape...but I love knitting shawls!


I'm Susebraids on Ravelry.

My favorite shawl to design is definitely the top-down triangle and variations thereof.

That said, I'm currently knitting a shallow triangle Baktus-type scarf/shawl with a lace edging, and I'm really enjoying knowing that I'm using up all the yarn I set aside for it!


I haven't made a shawl yet, but I think I like the crescent shape best. If the lace motif I'm working on ever gets to resembling the image in my head, I'm going to try to design a crescent shaped shawl using it.

SheilaOKeefe on rav


Engineers rule! ;) But I already have the e-book & I'm hoping to get my signed copy tomorrow night!


I haven't knit a shawl yet, but my favorite thing to knit is anything new - so this book would be perfect!

greyowl (rav id)


My favorite shawl is the Faroese, but I am a shawlaholic. I am currently doing a rectangular mystery KAL. My ravelry ID is 1maineknitwit.

Judi A.

I've only knit one shawl and it was triangular. Loved seeing it grow :-)

Zowmom on Ravelry

Catherine E.

Triangle shawls top down are my favorite so far. But I've never tried semi circles. My name is Kittcatknit on Ravelry.


I'm Zabbers on Rav. I've only knit triangle shawls, so I suppose you could call them my favorite, though I have so many other shapes I want to try--they're just all waiting in line for the next project.

Jessie M.

I really like long crescent or Scandinavian-style shawls that I can wrap around and tie in the back.
I'm wickedsharp on Rav. :)


Thanks for the review & Anna's designs look great. I like crescent shaped or semi circular shawls as they drape nicely on the shoulder. Besides socks, lace shawl is my next fav project.


I love triangular shawls. even though the basic construction is (usually) always the same, depending on what the edging is like, it can totally change the shape of the shawl

RubyFox on ravelry

Anne Burrows

Great interview! Right now, I prefer crescent-shaped shawls for their ease in draping. Rav ID is annethologist.


Great interview! Right now my fave shawls are crescent-shaped; love the way they drape. Rav ID is annethologist.


I make a shawl a month and find it so relaxing to enjoy the yarn and learn new stitches. My favorite patterns are top down or side to side. zillalatte


So far I have only knit triangle shawls and have discovered that I like knitting them from the bottom up (large cast on to short cast off). Having the rows get shorter and shorter as I go really helps me finish a project.

I do like the look of shawls which don't have a point directed at my behind, but haven't knit one yet.

RavID: rubylouise


I've never knit a shawl before, but plan to make one one of these days! I enjoy knitting a variety of things depending on my mood, recently I've been hooked on stuffed animals and arm warmers.

Rav id: saraq24


Amazing! Wow. Thank you for this contest. My favorite shape used to be rectangle but I find myself drawn to triangles now.

monkalicious on Ravelry

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