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Friday, 16 September 2011



Oh, and I'm MrsCollinHobbs on Ravelry :-)


I fell in love with side on crescent shaped shawls recently thanks to you, Roxanne.

Rav name is : Claireej


I love all sorts of shapes and construction, but my favorite of the moment is triangular and top-down. It's fascinating to me to see this tiny piece of work develop into something beautiful.

FelicityS on Ravelry


My favorite shawl shapes to knit are triangles and half-circles. I like to wear shawls as neck-scarves, so those shapes are ideal for that. I'm "kountingsheep" on Ravelry.


I have never knit a shawl, but I won a skein of Wollemeise in a drawing earlier this year and decided I would make my first shawl out of it. How perfect if I won this book. My favorite thing to knit at the moment is scarves because fall is quickly approaching, and I hate having a cold neck!

- ahappyaccident on Ravelry

Kimberly Pillon

Shawls have become my new favorite to knit. I haven't knit enough styles to have a favorite yet. However, I do love the increases when knitting a triangle and seeing it grow with every row. They amaze in that you can create them small and extra large, a little something to keep the neck and top of your sholders warm, to a little larger something to envelope your whole torso.

Ravelry id : Santel

Amy Lounsberry

I have yet to make a shawl - although I'd love to step out of my comfort knitting and try one out.

I knit mostly hats, scarves, blankets, slippers, small baby cardigans, and pullovers.

The photo on the book's cover is absolutely beautiful - the color!

amyknit40 on rav

Anne Marie

I've only knit one rectangular shawlette and a traingular shawl. I would love to try one with more of a semi-circular shape. The book looks wonderful. Rav amchart


I haven't knit many shawls so I can't really say which shape I like best. I can't imagine though ever wanting to knit a circular one!


I love a good triangular shawl.
My rav name is squiggi


I haven't knit any shawls yet, but I love the look of large triangular ones.

Rav ID: InJuneau


I am coveting this book and waiting to get enough money to buy it. :D (Though getting it through this? Would be amazing.) I really just love all kinds of triangular shawls, though I'd have to say my favorite would be top-down triangular ones (since the rows keep getting shorter). That said, triangular shawls that are bottom-up are really fun to get started, and knit and see how it shapes up while you work on it. ^^


Oh, sorry, right! amerai on Ravelry.


My fave shawls are top down triangles. Not sure why, but there ya go. Rav ID Luliriisi.


Rav ID: PrincessMommie

Chandelier, Changing Directions & Mystic Lanterns are in my queue right now. I am on quite a shawl kick, finishing 4 in the last 3 months!

I really *need* this book! ;-)


oh my, I think I love them all! I have knit triangles the most tho. Lovely looking book! Thanks for hosting the giveaway! dragonxser on Ravelry.


I enjoy working all shapes, as seeing the shawl progress which is what I find most rewarding. Rav ID LotsoKnots

Lotsofhermies on Rav

I have knit several shawls and enjoyed them all. I love the Comfort shawl that stays on your shoulders. So understanding how to make more of those would be fantastic. I love lace but I am not to good at it yet. I would love learning more about it.


I think my favorite shape right now is crescent. I love to see them wrapped up like a scarf to make an outfit pop. The book looks wonderful and even if I don't win, I will be buying it.
Lisa (yenforyarn on Ravelry)


My favorite shape shawl to knit is Faroese but I love all lace! Rav ID moejo

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