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Friday, 16 September 2011



I love both square and Faroese shawls best. I do like stoles too, come to think of it. / leesy


I love semi-circular/crescent shape.. my fave in this category is whippoorwill by Carina spencer.

My rav ID is knottygal

Thank you for the chance to win the e-book.

Kat Spencer

hi, I made one, half-oval and few lace scarfs(didnt have enough yarn for nice big shawl)
. My ravelry id is... katspencer.


Looks like a brilliant book! I am currently knitting a faroese style shawl and absolutely love it! its my first one and think its going to be the first of many!

My rav name is dyespinknit :0)

Jennifer Wallace

I currently have otn a triangle, an aolian (sp?) and a cresent. Fair to say, I let the shawl speak to me and I have no favourite in particular. Rav name jwallace

Colleen mcguire

I think this is a lovely idea. I am relatively new to shawls, and haven't developed a preference yet. This book really looks interesting.



I'd really like to be able to pick a yarn from the stash and be able to create a shawl that matches what the yarn wants to be.


I used to never like the look of triangular, but I've really grown to like them. Same with semicircular-didn't like the look but they seem so practical on, and look different than I'd expected. I may just tackle one yet!


I too am new to lace knitting...would probably knit something floaty and able to wrap around my shoulders, as it gets pretty cold here....and soon


I love triangular shawls :-) I'm Heathwitch on Ravelry!

Angie A. (Sybina)

I would love to have Anna's book, I have only knit one shawl so far but now I need to knit lots more. My Ravelry name is Sybina.

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