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Saturday, 24 September 2011



*crawls on* I'm Melodyrose on Ravelry, and as for what I like to do with single skeins of sock yarn... I've been mostly attempting shawls. I've no confidence for socks (and big feet) and the idea of knitting in the round for mitts also scares me... so mostly? Shawls. And shawlettes... and I'm working on a scarf right now.

... 6 foot long objects in sock yarn in straight garter by the way does not always = fun times XD


amerai on Ravelry.

I really like doing things like shawls with sock yarn as of late. ^^ Great for a lot of things, but I love being able to make pretty things with just one skein. :D


I am cocoanut1001 on Ravelry and I love to knit lace shawls from one skein of sock yarn.



One skein usually = fingerless mitts or a cowl for me!

knittingwithwords on Ravelry


I'm Heathwitch on Ravelry, and I love shawlettes and fingerless mitts... Anything with lace in it is a bonus! LOL :)

Me dose Pickering

Shawls! That's pretty much all I've been knitting lately! Rav id is gingercat32.


For special skeins of sock yarn (especially those w/ cahsmere) - shawls always.

rav id: KerrieJames

Ruth G.

.grenru on ravelry..I love to make small shawls and scarfs..especially when they help me to use up some of my stash..and I reaaly like fickle's patterns..


Right now I am having a blast knitting cupcakes (to my sons disgust- mom can't you make me real cupcakes!) from sock yarn. cguard (on rav)


My rav ID is Zabbers, and with one skein of sock yarn, it depends on the yarn--if it's too soft for socks, a lovely little shawl. If it's tough (and possibly superwash), then socks!

Andria Cordovez Mulet

What a great give-away - thanks. I love shawls and I've started making socks.
I'm Adia on Ravelry

Ena forbes

Gorgeous yarn for a gorgeous pattern!

Cece - Yarnassassin

Ever since I joined the Fickle-Zen KAL I've been dying to try out Michelle's designs! And a chance to win a copy of the book? Count me in! My Ravelry ID is YarnAssassin. :D I love shawls; so addicted and they are so pretty. Using only one skein? Sold! I love this idea. <3


Socks and shawls seem to dominate my needles the last year. I am LivM on Ravelry :-)

Jenna Kuhlmorgen-Hille/ GypsyGurl

I have never knitted a sock...nor do I ever intend to. But 1 skein of yummified deliciousness called sock yarn is great for a lace shawlette, a hat, or a pr of gorgeous fingerless gloves. Can't wait to get this book! Gypsy

Debbie pulliam

One skein projects? Socks, shawls, and fingerless mitts! My ravelry name is dpulliam

Peppermint Mocha Mama

I love knitting socks or scarves with one skein of sock yarn. I am building up my confidence for a shawl!

My Rav ID is PprmntMochaMama

Sheri Davis

Love Michelle's patterns, I am knitting Flambe right now.
I enjoy knitting shawls in pretty in sock yarns
quiltersheri on Rav


The best use of a single skein of sock yarn is definitely a shawlette. affiknity on Ravelry.

elizabeth Lowe

biddy05(rav) I knit kids mittens and fingerless mits! thanks for the give away. How fun!

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