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Saturday, 24 September 2011



Since my Rav name is mrslaceknitter, it shouldn't be difficult to guess it's all shawls for me! I love Michelle's designs and I certainly plan to get this book, one way or another :)

Also sending her condolences and courage at this unhappy time.


I knit mostly shawls and socks. Have Michelle's Limestone Shawl ready to go on needles. I am 1maineknitwit on Ravelry.


I'm pwitherspoon on Ravelry. I love to make scarfs, mitts, shawls and would love to make socks eventually. I'm a fairly new knitter. I've been knitting for about a year so I'm still discovering things. I learn something new everyday.


Well, socks but also shawls. I'm cmflame on ravelry.


What a lovely offer! The pattern's in the collection are beautiful! I make socks and shawls out of one skein, and recently become enticed by sweaters out of fingering weight yarn. Ravelry ID: sandygale

Beth W.

I'm Yhime407 on Ravelry...I'm a big fan of shawls or kerchiefs with sock yarn...very versatile! Thanks!

Janet B

I love to knit lacey shawls with single skeins of sock yarn :) I love Michelle's patterns! (jani22 on ravelry)


Peanuts80 on Ravelry.
I've been addicted to knitting socks since I just started them this year, and LOVE sock yarn! So soft and silky. I am starting to venture into shawls though and I am really excited to make my first one, and am sure I will become addicted to them once I start!

Marlys Hauck-Fenner

What a great opportunity! Thanks for the offer. My favorites to knit with one skein are socks and shawls. I'm Marlyshf on Ravelry


I'm eveariel on Ravelry ... Lately I've been doing shawls and scarves ... And the occasional pair of socks ... With my sock yarn


if i am not knitting socks with my one skeins of sock yarn, i do enjoy lacy shawlettes.

bellybuttonknits on rav


Socks or shawls are my single-skein projects, sez Kokori :)

Louise Rownd

Louiserownd on ravelry here! When I travel I like to buy a special skein of sock yarn as a "souvenir". I love making curved shawlettes with the sock yarn.
Thanks for the chance.!


My rav id is puggerhugger and I am a huge fickleknitter fanatic. I love the one-skein shawls, especially the ones, I think they are faroese (?) that have a separate lace edging where you pick up one stitch from the main shawl piece with every other row of edging. I really like the way those work up and they are fun to knit. I'd love to see Michelle do a two skein shawl like that, or a circular one, just go wild! I have been wanting to do a big lacy circular shawl for awhile, but I think I am spoiled by fickleknitter's designs so I can't find one I like yet.


I'm fond of making socks with sock yarn, or lacey shawl-y scarves.

My rav handle is pixiethief

Kay Thode

Shawls and shawlettes!!!!!!! I am obsessed with shawls!!! and I like to knit socks too...this is a very generous thank you I am Quilter1446 on rav.


Love to knit sideways scarves and shawlettes with a nice single skein of sock yarn. (annethologist on Rav.)

Penny Reese

All yarn is shawl yarn in my mind. All of it can wrap you up in snuggly warm yarn-love or set you out of the crowd. Shawls are an incredible way to learn new patterns, repurpose old ones. I think you have the idea....lace shawls!

Through the Fickle-Zen KAL, I found Michelle's Flambe and her other glorious designs. I have to have them! They are incredible. I am retired now and can do them all.

Thanks for this opportunity.

Penny (aka catpurloo on ravelry)

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