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Saturday, 24 September 2011


Janice Fischer

What a generous offer! Since I prefer to work with smaller sized needles I have lots of single skeins of gorgeous yarns and am always on the lookout for new patterns when I'm too lazy to design my own. Anything lace is my absolute favorite.

I'm catspawlace on Rav, by the way. That probably tells you what one of my favorite patterns is.

Colleen mcguire

This is such a great idea. I have recently become acquainted with Michelle's designs and I love them. I just don't know where to start. This would help me in the right direction I think. Rav id Mickitaz.


I enjoy knitting both socks and shawls (although I usually break into a second skein to make my shawls larger). I've already knit Michelle's Limestone Shawl using Roxanne's Serenity 20 - what a great combination!
My Rav ID is avocate


Lately I've been making baby blocks with sock yarn - knitting in stockinette and wrapping around a foam block. M rav id is missbeckyknits

Susan G

I love to know one skein scarves and shawlettes. Socks yarn is my favorite weight with which to knit. Rav id: Comanchewmn


My favorites are shawls! There are so many lovely patterns in my queue on Ravelry and so many talented designers coming up with even more "must knit this" designs that my pattern stash is nearing the quantity of my yarn stash...and that's really quite an accomplishment! ;) nestinknitter on Rav

Andrea frost

One skein? Shawls shawls shawls. All shapes, sizes, colors, lace and not! Blunckie on Rav


Shawls, scarves, and fingerless mitts.


I like to knit shawls, socks and mitts with sock yarn. Right now I'm loving 2-color patterns like Ulmas and Lazy Girl shawl, but I always go back to lace.

Sally S. Smith

My Rav name is indigoindy. I usually knit socks with sock yarn. :) I am looking forward to knitting more shawls.


I'm azuritdragonfly on Rav, I love to knit shawls and socks with one skein of sock yarn.


On Rav I'm WillSingForStash, and with one skein of sock yarn I love knitting shawls, scarves, and slouchy berets (it's really too bad I don't live in a colder climate where I can get more use out of these items!) ;)


Thanks for the great contest! My favorite one skein sock yarn projects include socks, small shawls, and mitts. Ravelry ID: jerseyknitter.


I'm a one-skein junkie... Socks and shawls seem to dominate my needles the last year! My rav name is Teribella.


I love to knit socks or shawls from sock yarn but I have also knit fingerless mitts and hats as well.

lotsofhermies on Rav


Golden Leaf looks gorgeous & I love the color. One skein is just great for shawls & I love knitting them.
1morerow on Rav


I just knit my first sock-yarn shawl, and am looking forward to making another!


I actually like knitting pretty much anything but socks with sock yarn!
(ahappyaccident on Rav)


I'm FelicityS on ravelry and I love to knit shawls with single skeins of sock yarn.


I'm JanaA on Ravelry and I have been on shawl kick thanks to the Light & Dark KAL

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