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Wednesday, 11 May 2011



The FLS looks great on you. You are right about knitting with hand dyed. Each skein is unique & I just use them as it is & not worry about the color variation.


They are awesome and you look great in them! Love the yarns!


And amen on the "It's only been forever since I knit a sweater too - gosh, probably 7 years now or so. A part of me decided to stop knitting them because I wasn't a size 2 but WTH, right? Embrace your size and enjoy your handknits! If I wait until I'm the size I was when I was 20 I'll never get another sweater knit in this lifetime..."

Life is too short not to knit what you want to wear. And here is a link to one of my favorite posts on ravelry, one that gives instructions on gauge mods: http://www.ravelry.com/discuss/central-park-hoodie-kal/62060/276-300#281


Thanks Ann & madonnaearth! Love that link too on gauge...thanks for sharing it :)

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