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Sunday, 06 March 2011


Tonia - QBabe

I mentioned "Inspiration" over on Connie's blog when you first posted about it since how could you not be inspired by such a glorious blend as this one!

I also like Glory...for how glorious it must feel with all those wonderful fibers mixed together.


Decadence or Hedonist, although SMACS has a ring to it! LOL! Congrats on the new line, sounds Heavenly. (Hey, that'd be a good name, too!)


Sounds like a scrumptious, warm, soft and glowing yarn. I think 'Scrumptious' or 'Luminous' might work?


This yarn blend looks amazing..."Utopia"...ideally perfect!

Rosemary alberti

I say you name it "Halo" because the makeup of it, seems well heavenly to knit with.
-Roe : )

Susan Ginnings

For names, how about Tranquility, Peace, Harmony, Jade, or even Ohm. :)

Melissa z

How about "Repose"?


That new line sounds deeeeeelectable. To go along with your Zen branding, and to work alongside the Serenity yarn line, what about Meditation, Enlightenment, or Lotus?


What about "Pick Me Up"




I love those fiber choices individually can't wait to touch and feel them together.
my choices: Enthralling, Provocative, or Ambrosial

Zilliah Bailey

How about "shift," "chakra," or "reiki"?


I think "yún," which means "cloud" or "round" in Mandarin, depending on what tone you use might be nice. Another good name might be "affetuoso," which means "warm" or "warm-hearted" in Italian.


Forgot to add that I am monkalicious on Ravelry.


How about Luscious

Emily w.

With all of the different animals represented in this yarn, I would call it "Flock" or "Menagerie" or "Noah's Ark".

(Rav: ahappyaccident)

Barbara143 on Rav

Alpaga,french for alpaca.


How about HeavenSpun? I thought of angelsport, but it sounds like it is truly heavenly to handle and to knit with...


I'm gonna go with "Sun Dog" for the ethereal halo, and for the soft snuzziness factor. Yum. Can't wait to knit up a super snuggly cowl for those full moon snow adventures!


To me, the colour of the yarn reminds me of an antique copper kettle. So that's what I would call it. Antique Copper Kettle :)

Of course, that conjures up visions of a kettle whistling on the stove, antique china teacups, and little finger biscuits. At least, it does for me!

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