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Tuesday, 08 February 2011



"Love Letters" for Valentines day, because if you make a shawl for someone you Love them.

Theresa Grant

Blooming Rouge or Rouge in Bloom - Looks like flowers blooming :)


I'm thinking something like "Berry Picking". The lace pattern look like a forest of trees or bushes with the blocked out bobbles resembling berries.

Chyrstee Governo


Amy V

I like Wrapped in Rose

Tonia - QBabe

I like A Trail of Petals - reminds me of a romantic trail of rose petals dropped and leading to a romantic table set for two, wine and cheese, some crusty bread, with fresh berries and pears.


To me, the triangular panels at the spine looks like a trio of dragons in the air, so Dragonflight it is.

Stacey Hood

Days of Wine and Roses? :) In any case, it's absolutely beautiful!


For some reason "Jasmine" is speaking to me. Regardless of the name, it is lovely!


I defiantly think you should write this up. I love it!

How about the name Destiny- this is destined to be a pattern :)


She looks like a "Rosalie" to me. Especially with the pretty little edging treatment.


I love the beads detail!

I would call it "wings ready to fly" or just "ready to fly"

I don't know why but the last picture inspired me so much for this name!

Amazing work!


Bobble Wrap

This came to me from the pics on Rav before I read your description on this page which mentions bobbles.

Rav: aewsimmons


I'd call it 'Bobbly" :-)
And it's VERY pretty!

Emily w.

The little bobbles remind me of rose hips, so I would call it the Rose Hips Shawl. It is stunning! I haven't knit lace before, but I would tackle this as a first project if you made the pattern available. Thanks!


"Going down slow" sings my daughter when I ask her for a name.


Oh that is beautiful!

I can imagine that a woman would wear that while being courted...it's so pretty and who wouldn't want to be wrapped up in all that red to inspire romance. I'd call it Sonnet because back when women were actually COURTED, maybe a man would write her a sonnet to profess his love. :)

Should you write this up for everyone? YES YES YES :D

Super-Nova on Ravelry

Patricia Bishop

How about diamond back because of the 2 diamonds in the wrap?


Angelia. It looks like wings to me in the center, which makes me think of angels.

Kim D.

Briar Rose. The lace pattern reminds me of my aunt's rose bushes... trimmed neat and tidy, but of course roses are more beautiful for the thorns.

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