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Saturday, 10 April 2010



Lovely kit, pretty pattern, and the yarn you dyed is GORGEOUS!!!!!!!


Thanks Brenda :) I really enjoyed dyeing it up for everyone too!


Mine should be arriving soon and now I'm MORE impatient. Love Jen's kits and love your yarn too :).


It should be soon Karin...hope I didn't spoil your surprise. The shawl pin is especially cute!


I hate pink. Or used to. Still want to. But difficult to hate it when knitting (hence shopping yarn) AND having a newborn girl at home.

Then I see this. (Actually saw it about a week ago but keep coming back to look at the pictures.) Gahhhh!!!!!! Exquisite! The whole kit! Lovely pin! But the yarn ... THE YARN!!!! Now I'm frustrated that I never knew about this lace club until now ... when it's too late. Any chance at all that you'll make more of this shade and sell it? ::refains from begging::

Wonderful job with that color. Truly. I am in awe.


Thanks Josiane! I'll have to put this colourway on my radar after the alloted wait time for club colourways which is about 6 months. However, keep your eyes peeled on my store - I do dye up a few pinks :)

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