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Sunday, 01 March 2009



I've been thinking about spinning every since I decided to sell my wheel. I just couldn't get in to it but I think a lot of it is more along the lines of I just never made the time for it. Maybe the wheel hasn't sold for a reason. :) I've been thinking about giving it a try again. At least try to set aside 15-20 minutes every day to spin.


gorgeous navajo, Roxanne! Mine was an overspun tangle that caused much amusement but needed to be severely blocked in order to even come close to being knittable! Congrats on your first effort. -Michelle


Yes! Trish, that's all I've been doing is 10-20 minutes a day - at first it was 10 so I wouldn't get too frustrated but just enough to build up some muscle memory. I think your wheel needs some attention :-)


Thanks Michelle! I had the single a wee bit overspun in areas too but managed to still get the n-ply to take without it tangling up too badly...LOL I love the n-ply - it goes so much quicker :-)


That's beautiful yarn! It's nice to see the results from what I saw you spinning on Saturday. Hopefully, some day I will get to that point :)


Thanks Cathy and you sure will! I'll show it to you in person next time we spin :-)

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