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Thursday, 12 March 2009



How bout Abigail.


I think she looks like a Ginny!~ (pronounced "Jinnie"...I have a piano-tuning friend who goes by that name, and the designs on this wheel remind me of her. :) )




I like another J name to go with it, so how about Jaqui (pronounced Jackie)


Kell as in the Book of Kells. I keep looking at the designs and they remind me of the Book of Kells. I love Celtic knots and even have them as tattooed on my body. So my vote is for Kell.

And I can't wait to try the new rovings.


I would likre to suggest Dierdre given the beautiful design.


I should have some roving up next week - stay tuned :-)


I am thinking of


Pronounced: \l(u)-sin-da

Meaning: http://www.meaning-of-names.com/italian-names/lucinda.asp

It stands mostly for Bringer of Light


I'm definately thinking that she's a Catherine. Or maybe a Katherine? For some reason, she reminds me of Catherine of Aragon, Henry VIII first wife, who he was married to four about 20 years before he tried to get a divorce. Maybe I just have historical intrigue on the brain. Good luck finding a name!


Siobhan....also a Celtic name to go with the beautiful patterns on her.


I agree that it should be celtic...how about McKenna?


From a distance she looks all lacy like, so I think Lacy/Lacey is a good name. :)


Jenny! Julia's little sister - Jenny! She's perky looking like a Jenny! I've not seen one like her - I don't know what kind she is. But she REALLY is cute and looks like she was made the get the job done!


How about Kenzie? I think it has a bit of a playful ring to it, but still a pretty name. :)

It's harder than I thought to pick a name!


She's a hitchhiker from Merlin Tree and a friend of mine customized her. See my blog post for details: http://zenyarngarden.typepad.com/roxanne/2009/03/a-new-addition.html


Hmm, what about Ella? Or even Bella? Or Cecilia (I'm not sure where that one came from but figured I'd throw it out there and see if any of them stick)? Good luck choosing a name. =)


Little she may be, but that doesn't mean weak. I think she should be called Minerva - after the roman goddess (Athena is her counterpart) Minerva is the goddess of crafting and because she the little sister, her nickname can be Minnie (Mini, Minne)


My suggestion is Jean. It comes from the Hebrew name of Yochana, tranlsted to latin as Joanna or Johanna.
It's a very beautiful wheel. Have fun with it!


If the big sister is Julia, maybe the little sister could be Juliette? (Pronounced with a French accent.)


She looks like a Josephine to me, or perhaps Josie for short! I have no brilliant reason other than I absolutely can't get that name out of my head from the first moment I saw her.

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