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Friday, 27 February 2009



My favourite part is a few rows after casting on, depending on the project. It's the part where you finally see the pattern actually coming together and have that, "ah ha" or "oooh" moment. Or that "Yay, I didn't actually screw it up" moment lol.


Yes, the pattern process too! I guess I go more toward the colour because I'm a dyer but yes, yes, the pattern unfolding is equally sublime!


I have my new Serenity Sock yarn beside me right now, within petting reach. I'm looking forward to starting the knitting process with it!


Can you see the colours now? The cafe is so dark...can't wait to see Cathy...yay!


luscious colour:) I love the starting a new project, seeing how the yarn knits up. Then I love the last few rows on either shawl or sock as you race towards the finishing line:)
amber in UK


I like changing that patterns. And playing with color. I almost always convert sock pattern to toe up. But playing with color is what makes it fun for me.


Hi Amber :-) Finishing is so surreal - it's like wow, I am done.


Woot! Another colour junkie - yay!


Your first paragraph really shows how much love, effort & joy you put into and derive from your work (can I even call it that? This sounds more like a hobby which brings in the moolah =D). The problem I have with some yarn dyers is that they don't visualise what the end product would be. Anyone can dye yarn (even a 5-year-old, with supervision of course lol) and it might look lovely in a skein or even balled up. What it looks like when it is knitted-up is another matter.

That said, colour is a HUGE part of my life. Different colours can evoke different moods or feelings. I have a habit of associating colours with people, places I have been to (or not) and even certain smells -- yep, go weird me lol. Colour is the deciding factor for me when I buy yarn online. I'll just trust that it will feel & smell as luscious as it looks ;)

I can't decide what I love most. "Have Colours, Will Knit!", I suppose. I love how different the yarn looks like from a skein to a ball. I also love that when you knit it up, the colours just pops-out at you and show its brilliance even further. How it just stands up and say "Look at ME! Aren't you glad you got me?". Where, as you knit along, the different shades/tints/hues just comes out of hiding from that ball and makes me wonder and anticipate what's next.

At times it makes my knitting go faster so I can see how much more beautiful it will be, but at other times it slows me down as I cannot help but stop and admire the colours once in a while. Honestly, I get a bit sad when my knitting is almost done because then it means no more beautiful yarn-ball, but the lovely knitted product makes up for it ;) The thought of the intended recipient loving as much as I have is just icing on the cake =D

The yarn that you have pictured here is beau-ti-ful! Makes my heart go pitter-patter. Somehow or rather, it also makes me thirst for a pomegranate & red-grape juice with a splash of beet juice =D


Wow Aini...thanks for your lovely comment! I do truly think that colour can evoke emotions too - I think you're bang on there! I don't think you're weird at all with the smells either...it's like a song bringing you back to a certain memory too. I think we may just not realize just how much these tactile things influence us until we take a moment to pay attention to them.

I feel that same sadness when I ship yarns out especially if they are colours I love - I hope they are going to end up in the hands of someone who will love them as much as I do.


I enjoy the whole process. From casting on and seeing how the colors play in the pattern, feeling the yarn in my hands and enjoying the various textures of my projects, to finishing the project and admiring my work. I also enjoy the comments from the people I knit for (general hubby, kiddos, sis and mom) and those who read my blog or check out my Ravelry notebook.

I love the new colorway. I can say without a doubt that I haven't bought a colorway or yarn that you've dyed that I haven't absolutely loved. The cashmere should be here any day now. :)


Thanks Trish...sure nice of you to say about my yarns. I hope you really enjoy the cashmere too!

limedragon :-: Harriet

I'm a process knitter, so I pretty much like everything about it. I especially like grafting and another favorite moment is seeing a lovely lace item all pinned out. : )


Hey Harriett! Nice to see you here :-) Ohhhhhh, lace, yet another thing I need to learn!


That is a gorgeous color, Roxanne.


Thanks so much Sarah - I'm on the heel flap now - yay, progress :-)

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