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Wednesday, 25 February 2009



That's cool! Superwash, yahoo, happy, please and dot really stand out when I pull it up. :)


yahooooo! ;) This is very neat. I enjoy the font they used to display all of the type (of course I would! hehe).


Hee hee...yahoo and DOT are for my email address that I mention a lot and happy is for "happy spinning" or "happy knitting" that I apparently say often too...LOL


Hey Rakel! Of course you'd notice the font...LOL :-)


That's because you're a polite Canadian. Me, I'm a rude metro NY person, so I don't say please. Well actually I do.

I love Wordle; I play with it all the time. Have you tried Meezer?


OMG Ruth, you're not rude at all! Silly girl! What's Meezer?


I love the Etsy shop but it is bare. I would love to see cashmere roving added to the words but that is me.


It's coming Mia...ordered and will be shipped this week...soon, I promise, soon :-)

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