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Monday, 23 February 2009



And here I thought I was alone!


Not at all Sandy...LOL I like our little ways of spelling things that ties us to the UK but the darn spell checker sure as heck doesn't like it eh? ;-)


Here in england if I inadvertently forget and spell color it underlines to tell me there is a U missing:)


Very, very cool! I like that :-)


Hi Amber...
Fancy seeing you here!



Hi Natalie! (waving!)


We had to go around and reset all the computers at school to English (United Kingdom) not English (United States) when we bought some new computers in September. The poor technician thought he was being helpful setting them up with English as well as Spanish spell checks.

Oh I had better add I work in a British School in Spain or this does not make any sense.


Oh my Christine. That sounds like a huge undertaking!


Being from Asia and previously under British rule, I have always spelt "color" as "colour", "odor" as "odour", "center" as "centre".

Working in an American MNC, it drives my boss nuts when he sees my drafts and always tell me to use a spell-checker. Funny thing is, my spellchecker have been set to British-English because it drove ME nuts whenever I use it and it kept asking me to correct my spelling of "centre" hehehe....


Tee hee Aini! I hear you. I find it really interesting just how far and wide British spelling has influenced English. My DH grew up in Jamaica so he uses a lot of British words too - for instance, a shopping cart is a trolley and he has a few others that make me giggle too and remind me just how interesting language is.

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