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Sunday, 31 January 2010



Awesome blog post and very spot on. Its a concept that's hard for a lot of being to grasp hold of none the less.


sorry, that should have read "a lot of people to grasp hold of none the less."


Thanks! It is but I think handdyed has made great strides too so it's all good :)

Carolyn Blakelock

You go girl! I don't seek out the independent dyers for the ordinary, I seek them out for the extraordinary.


Awww, thanks Carolyn...that's a nice way to put it too :)


If I wanted mass produced, dyeloted yarn I'd go through a big company. I buy handdyed yarn because I love the variations in the yarn and the uniqueness of the item that comes from knitting with handdyed yarn. You keep following your dreams and ignore the negativeness. There's always going to be people who look at everything negatively. I really do feel sorry for those people. They miss so many wonderful things in life by being so negative. I'll be there to buy the yarn they don't!! ;)

BTW....I adore my skein!


Thanks so much Trish :) I think you're right - they really do miss out on a lot of wonderful things in life because of being so negative. An open mind brings a lot more joy that's for sure. Glad you like your skein too...yay!


Very well said. I'm so used to knitting w/ your yarn that I'm always disappointed when I knit w/ commercial yarn because it isn't dyed like yours. I know some people just can't handle the variation of harddyed yarn. Those people can keep their (boring, imo) yarn and I'll keep my huge stash of handdyed. Don't stop doing what you're doing!


Awww, thanks Tara...I will persevere :)


as a fellow yarnie with huge respect for you and your work, it was really great to read your blog post on this topic. Sometimes I find myself trying to fit the mold, and you have reminded me why hand dyed yarn is so special. Not that I had forgotten completely, of course! :)

Thanks Roxanne :)


You're welcome Michelle :)

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